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I'm Dr Loree Johnson. I'm a licensed infertility therapist and coach specializing in women's mental health and reproductive health. I help women overcome the challenges associated with infertility including pregnancy loss and emotional trauma. Part of the reason why I do what I do is because I am also an infertility warrior. Sadly having experienced four pregnancy losses and four failed rounds of IVF, I know what it's like to experience infertility not just as a clinician, but also as a patient. It's because of this knowledge that I am so passionate about supporting other women in their journey. I teach and facilitate the same techniques that helped me heal.

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Learn How to Heal, Not Just Deal

Infertility can leave you feeling isolated, frustrated, and drained. You probably never imagined how or to what extent your fertility challenges would take over your life. 

With each passing month or year, on-going infertility stress and grief can also be traumatic and all-consuming - taking you away from your family, friends, and things you used to love.

You deserve to heal from the stress, trauma, and grief. You deserve to heal from it all!

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